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       Qiangsheng Electric Power Equipments(Changshu)co.,Ltd. (KaiboMetallurgyandBuildingMaterialsEquipments(Changshu)co.,Ltd.) is thermal power, wind power equipment, port machinery, shield machine, mining metallurgical building materials machinery, marine engineering and other major parts manufacturers. Since the reform and opening up, enterprises with innovative management mechanism, the implementation of strict scientific management, relying on their own accumulation of rolling development, creating a good economic base and development momentum.


           1, the company was founded in 1958 engaged in agricultural machinery maintenance services;

           2, 1984, Changshu City, tile factory completed industrial and commercial registration, and Deng Xueming, chairman of the leadership under the leadership of the initial stage of the mechanical processing and manufacturing;

           3, 1993 Kaibo metallurgical machinery and equipment factory was established for the metallurgical building materials machinery, mining machinery, port machinery, large chemical equipment and other major parts of the production;

           4, 1994, the company in the tide of reform in the city's township enterprises pilot system reform, and success, and sustainable development so far;

           5, into the late 90s, with the national social and economic development, the national energy and power gap is increasingly apparent, the company leadership to assess the situation, seize the opportunity to upgrade the product, began to enter the ranks of major parts of electrical equipment manufacturing;

           6, early 2000, the power equipment that generators, steam turbines, motors and other major parts products to become the main business, the company officially changed its name to Changshu City strong power equipment limited liability company;

           7,  now, the company has become a long history, strong technical force, the main thermal power, wind power, mining metallurgy, port machinery, shield machines, ship equipment and other large equipment core components, such as cylinder, stator, rotor bracket, The company actively participate in the national large-scale projects for the SAIC, NAC, Dongdian, Guodian, Goldwind class, Alstom, IMPSA, and other domestic Outside large enterprises qualified suppliers.

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