Qiangsheng Electric Power Equipments (Changshu) co.,Ltd.

Company Profile

 Qiangsheng  Electirc  Power  Equipments  (Changshu)  Co.,  Ltd.  (also  named  as  Kaibo Metallurgy  Building  Material  Equipments  (Changshu)  Co.,  Ltd.),  which  was  founded in  1958,  is  a  professional  company  produces  Electric  Power  Equipments,  Metallurgy, Port  Machinery,  Building  Materials  and  other  machinery  Equipments.  It  located  in the  north  of  Haiyu  Industry  Zone  of  Changshu,  just  next  to  the  Coastal  Highway  and Changshu Port, which is  rather convenient for  the  transportation. For  the past  more than 60 years, Qiangsheng created a good economic foundation and momentum just based on  the  innovative  spirit,  scientific  management  and  accumulative  development. There’re over 400 emplo ees in Qiangsheng, including 150+ professional welders,more  than  30  of  them  have  ABS  Welding  Certificate  and  over  20  have  Pressure  Vessel Welding  Certificate.  There  are  also  160+  professional  machining  workers,  over  80 Engineers  and  technicians,  more  than  20  quality  engineers  and  inspectors.  Company cover  an  area  of  100,000 ,  including  80,000  of  construction  area. Since   2002,   Qiangsheng   started   to   apply   ISO   19001:2000,   and   certified   ISO19001:2008  in  April,  2012.

 Main  Manufacturing  Equipments:

     CNC  laser  cutting,  CNC  flame  cutting  machines  (5m  *  15m,  4  sets)

     Robot  welding  machine  and  automatic  welding  machine  (3  sets)

     Veneer  reeling  machine  (3.6m  width,  100mm  thickness),  Press  Machine  (800t)

     CNC  vertical  lathe  (1  set  of16m  width,  2  sets  of  8m,  1  set  of  6.3m  and  4  sets of  5m)

     CNC  boring  machine  (3  sets  of  Φ260,  1  set  of  Φ225  and  4  sets  of  Φ200)

     CNC  planer  type  milling  machine  (1  set  of  5m  *  30m,  2  sets  of  3m  *  8m)

     Horizontal  lathe  (Φ2500  *  12m),  self-made  CNC  gantry  drilling  (8m  *  20m)

     Sandblasting  room  (6m  *m  *  15m)  and  heat  treatment  furnaces  (7  m  *  7  m  *  13m)

     Maximum  lifting  capacity  of  200  tons

     More  than  150  sets  of  other  machines.

 Main  Products:

     Generators:  200MW,  300MW,  350MW,  600MW  internal  &  external  frames.

     Turbine  Cylinders:  50-350MW  inner  cylinder  outer  cylinder,  bearing  block  etc.

 Motors:  all  kinds  of  synchronous  machines,  asynchronous  machines,  water  pumps and  other  full  range  of  frames.

 Wind  turbines:  1.5-6MW  wind  generators,  including  stator  and  rotor,  nacelle  and    so  on.

 Hydropower  products:  details  listed  in  the  following  with  photos.

Other  products:

 Shanghai  Oriental  Pearl  sightseeing  platform  support,  800  tons gantry  lift  tower  of  Shanghai  Port,

 Metallurgical   equipment   and   accessories,   port   machinery,   large-scale   chemical    equipments.

 “Credit   reputation   makes   brilliant   success,   excellent   quality   leads   to   the bright  future.”

 We maintained good cooperative relationship with many first -class enterprises,design   and   research   Institutes,   such   as:   Goldwind,   Alstom,   NAC   Group,   Shanghai Electric,   Dongfang   Electric,   Voith,   IMPSA,   Guodian   United   Power,   Luoyang   CITIC Heavy  Industries,  Shanghai  Tongji  University,  Shanghai  Heavy  Machinery  Plant  and so  on.

    We  will  continue  to  increase  investment,  with  a  total  investment  of  100  million yuan  for  the  manufacturing  expansion  of  the  supercritical 600MW,  1000MW  generator frames  (including  cylinders,  frames),  mass  production  of  over  3MW  wind  generators including  stators  and  rotors.  We’ll  try  our  best  to  become  the  regional  largest company   produces   thermal,   wind   and   hydro power generators. After the project completed,expected sales revenue exceeded ¥800million,profitsabove¥100 million.

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